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Distracted Driving
Driving while distracted is a growing major public hazard. Cell phone use, texting, eating, grooming, talking to a friend, adjusting a radio, using a GPS or dealing with small children can easily distract drivers and cause accidents. Studies show that 80 percent of motor vehicle crashes are a direct result of driver inattention.

According to, an official U.S. government website created to raise awareness about this issue, there are three main types of distraction – 1) taking your hands off the wheel, 2) taking your eyes off the road, and 3) taking your mind off driving. Texting is considered the most serious distraction. Statistics show that individuals are 23 times more likely to crash while they are texting.

Stay alive, keep your eyes on the road and just drive.

For more information or to arrange a speaker on this topic, please call the Lee County Injury Prevention Coalition speaker’s bureau at 239-330-2250. Speakers are provided free of charge to community groups and schools.
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