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Bike and Pedestrian Safety
Facts about biking and walking in Lee County: Did you know that…
  • In 2007-2008, 32 pedestrians and 10 cyclists died on Lee County roads, and another 612 (422 pedestrians and 190 cyclists) were injured.
  • For every pedestrian killed on our roads, 13 more are injured.
  • For every cyclist killed on our roads, 19 more are injured.
In an effort to make Lee County streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists, a coalition of local private and public health and safety organizations formed BikeWalkLee, a community coalition raising public awareness and advocating for complete streets in Lee County -- streets that are designed, built, operated and maintained for safe and convenient travel for all users: pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and transit riders of all ages and abilities.

BikeWalkLee values:
  • Walkable and bikeable communities that encourage interaction among citizens of all ages, incomes, and abilities;
  • The freedom of choice in transportation, including the choice to safely walk, bike or use public transit;
  • The strength, stability and quality of our environment;
  • Active recreation;
  • Responsible use of energy resources; and
  • Open communication among citizens and between government and the public
BikeWalkLee seeks to work with local governments, officials and staff to help create a culture of planning that works to complete Lee County's streets so that all users of our transportation networks are considered on the front end of any project or improvement. This effort includes attending and testifying at public meetings to raise awareness of complete streets, analyzing data and legislation to make the case for necessary enhancements and dangerous infrastructure gaps and helping to identify options and opportunities that would enhance Lee County's evolution into a model complete streets community.

Through BikeWalkLee, there are number of resources available for Lee County residents related to these safety issues, including:
  • SafeLee is a free innovative hands-on traffic safety program for children four to eight years old that is available for public or private schools or other children’s groups.
  • A Cycling Skills Training is a free bike safety education program that trains participants to safely navigate roadways and trails. A multi-station outdoor course with cones, signs and other items is set up for cyclists to practice their skills.
  • A Bike Health Program offers CPSC-approved helmets for toddler through adult. The helmets can be purchased for $5 each. They are free if prescribed by a child’s pediatrician or a referral is made from a social service agency.
  • The Adult & Elder Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Program offers hands-on educational programs taught by certified instructors.
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For more information, please call the Lee County Injury Prevention Coalition speaker’s bureau at 239-343-3539. Speakers are provided free of charge to community groups and schools.

For more information, please visit

What's Important to Us? Advocacy, Education, Legislation, and Partnerships.

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