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How We Help
  1. Provides access to expertise to facilitate a prevention project or answer question
  2. Schedules speakers for up to date information on injury prevention “best practices.”
  3. Offers grant opportunities for creative and innovative health and safety initiatives.
  4. Hosts educational and professional growth opportunities.
  5. Creates unique networking opportunity for fellow health and safety advocates
For more information and to reach our member organizations, visit our Coalition Partners page.

Speakers Bureau:
One of the amazing strengths of Lee County Injury Prevention Coalition is the expertise of its members in so many areas of health and safety. Members are available to speak at community events, schools and a variety of venues. Here are a list of our speakers, their topics and contact information:

LCIPC Speakers Bureau

Name: Kim Kutch or designee
Agency: Dept. of Children and Families
Contact Info: 239-338-1207 or
Presentation Topic(s): Child welfare, Adult Services, ACCESS

Name:  Susan Lawrence, RN 
Agency: FL DOH: Children’s Med. Services
Contact Info: (239) 433-6723 Ext. 111
Presentation Topic(s):  The Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Program

Name: Public Outreach
Agency: Lee County Public Safety
Contact Info: 533-3911
Presentation Topic(s): Inj. Prevention Coalition/EMS related topics

Name: Scott Strachan 
Agency: Abby Services, Inc In Home Care For Seniors 
Contact Info: 239-590-0861 
Presentation Topic(s):  The Differences Between Home Health Care Providers In Florida: Home Health Agencies, Nurse Registries, Hospices, Home Medical Equipment Providers, Homemaker/Companion Services, Independent Health Care Professionals

Name: David Brown 
Agency: Children's Network of SWFL 
Contact Info: (239)691-4517 
Presentation Topic(s): Child Welfare- Prevention/Diversion, Foster Care, and Relative Search Program

Name:  Katie Romano Griffin
Agency:  Axis Natural Medicine
Contact Info:
Presentation Topic(s): Stress Management, Managing Pain Naturally, Clean Diet--Clear Mind, Relaxed Driver--Safe Driver

Name: Dr. Earl Bradford Smith
Agency: Hodges University
Office Telephone: (239) 598-6227
Topic: Cultural Competency
Name: Community Relations
Agency: Lee County Sheriff’s Office
Contact Info: 239.258.3280;
Presentation Topics: We have specially trained individuals who can talk on a wide range of safety and security topics for all age groups from pre-school students on up. To learn more about our programs please visit our website at

Name: Mark Tesoro
Agency: Lee Memorial Health System
Contact Info: 239-343-3672
Presentation Topics: Falls Prevention, Youth Violence Prevention (GATE program), Injury Prevention Coalition, What is a Trauma Center, Coalition building/coordination, Child Passenger Safety, Neuropsychology, Youth Sport Safety – Concussion, Dehydration and Over-Use Injury Prevention

Name: Syndi Bultman
Agency: Lee Memorial Health System
Contact Info: 239-343-3797
Presentation Topics: Youth Violence Prevention (GATE), Young Drivers Program, High Risk Drivers Program, Distracted Driving, Trauma Nurses Talk Tough, Injury Prevention Program, Injury Prevention Coalition, Falls Prevention, What is a Trauma Center? Youth tours of the Trauma Center, Child Passenger Safety.

Name: Kim Herrmann 
Agency: Safe Kids Worldwide 
Contact Info: or 202-329-0783
Presentation Topic(s): Unrestrained Passengers, Today’s Air Bags, LATCH, Low Speed Vehicles, Obesity and Child Restraints, Pregnancy and MVC, Vehicle Occupant Protection

Name: Anjali Van Drie
Agency: Behavioral Analysis and Therapy, Inc.
Contact Info: 239-465-0458
Presentation Topics: Effective behavioral management (for any population, age or setting), Collaboration of Behavior Analytic services with other professions, parent training on managing child behavior, trauma and child behavior (particularly in child welfare)

Name: Michele King
Agency: The Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida
Contact Info: 239-343-5890
Presentation Topic(s): Drowning prevention, Parenting classes, Health education-elementary schools, Shaken baby prevention

Name: SSG Garcia, Jorge
Agency: Florida Army National Guard Civil Operations
Contact Info: 941-268-7223
Presentation Topic(s): Drug Awareness

Name: Lowell Gerson
Agency: Private Citizen/Medical Reserve Corps/Epidemiologist
Contact Info: 239.495.6477,
Presentation Topic(s): Falls prevention, Injury Prevention
Name: Victor Hill
Agency: Florida Forestry Service
Contact Info:
Presentation Topic(s): Wildfire safety and prevention

Name: Linda Dundee
Agency: SW FL Safety Council
Contact Info:
Presentation Topic(s): safe driving, fall prevention, safe forklift operation, proper lifting techniques, office safety and first aid & CPR.

Name: David Martin D.O.M.
Agency: Lotus Blossom Clinic
Contact Info: 239 277 1399,
Presentation Topic(s): How to stay healthy in today's toxic environment

Name:  Brian Raimondo                    
Agency:  Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization
Contact Info:, 239-330-2240
Presentation Topic(s):  Anything transportation related (safety, multi-modal, rail studies, transit, congestion, long range planning) or can get to the proper agency to discuss topics.

Name: Keith Cortner, Engineer
Agency: Fort Myers Fire Department
Contact Info: 239-280-8037, 239-321-7311 or
Presentation Topic(s): Residential KNOX Box Program, providing a small, wall-mounted safe that holds building keys for fire and emergency responders to retrieve to gain entry in emergency situations.

Name:  Susan Lindenmuth, Public Relations Manager                      
Agency:  Estero Fire Rescue
Contact Info: 239-390-8000 or 239-691-4123
Presentation Topic(s):  PR, AED & First Aid (Certified American Heart Association Center), Files of Life, Fire Safety in the Home, College Fire Safety, Firewise, Kitchen safety, Bicycle safety, Safety Scouts, Juvenile Firesetter, Child passenger safety, Safe babysitting, DUI and Prom Promise, Senior Fire Safety, Senior Safety in the Home, Home Safety Inspection, Free Smoke Alarm/Carbon Monoxide, Kids Fitness, Bloodborne Pathogens 

If you would like more information on how you can get involved with Lee County Injury Prevention Coalition, please call 239-330-2250.

What's Important to Us? Advocacy, Education, Legislation, and Partnerships.

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