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Welcome to the Lee County Injury Prevention Coalition, a multi-disciplinary coalition focused on reducing and preventing injuries among Lee County residents and visitors.
Our members include health and safety agencies, educators, governments and volunteers, including emergency medical services, fire and rescue agencies, law enforcement agencies, hospital outreach programs, health agencies, and public and private schools.

Jenny Holt, Freelance Writer
Keeping Safe In Case of A Hurricane
On September 10, 2017 as Hurricane Irma wreaked havoc across Florida, emergency services rushed to control the damage. Thousands of people were affected, their properties lost or damaged beyond repair. Emergency Management shelters were set up that provided temporary relief and accommodation for about 32,000 people. When the winds died down, the aftermath of the storm was long lasting with an estimated damage of $742 million in property of which $21 million was reported from schools. It was a devastating reminder for the people of Lee county to prepare themselves for all eventualities. Mother nature is a force we cannot reckon with, hence it is imperative to know all that is within our control to help ensure our safety if a sudden calamity were to strike.

Keep Track Of Weather Updates
If a hurricane is likely to take place, the weather channel on your radio or television would relay news to its listeners beforehand. Therefore, it is helpful to invest in a weather radio and keep informed of all the weather changes happening, and how soon a storm is likely to cross your area. Some radios are portable and built to run without power and batteries which can be especially beneficial if the storm erupting causes power failure and you have to relocate to a safer place but still keep the radio close by for further updates so you know when it is safe to venture outside.

Keeping Safe During A Hurricane
As soon as you get the signal about an imminent storm erupting, stay indoors, find a solid room to shelter in and lock all doors and shutters. If there is anything loose outside that could be picked up by the strong winds, secure it outside or bring it indoors. It would also help reduce maintenance damage if water supplies were switched off, in case the pipes get broken during the hurricane. If you are unable to evacuate, and the storm has escalated, it is best to take refuge under a solid table or object and keep monitoring storm updates on the radio. If you reside in a high building, it is best to make your way to the bottom floor as winds hit strongest at high elevations. Battling out a hurricane is not a job a man can take on by himself. However, in case a storm brews up there are only safety measures that we can take as humans to protect ourselves and our loved ones to the best of our abilities. It is important to be well informed of all the steps that can be taken to ensure our safety and reduce property damage.
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What's Important to Us? Advocacy, Education, Legislation, and Partnerships.

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